New PLF patent: System and Method for Real-Time Imaging of Body Composition Traits of Food Animals. DE Wilson, VR Amin – US Patent 20,170,354,123, 2017. A system and method for scanning a pig (or other food animal) to determine body composition and quality data in real time while the pig (or food animal) is suspended in mid-air by a lift apron in electronic communication with an ultrasound console and computer processor and configured to collect and process “target images” from the pig (or food animal) when a thumb switch activates the processor. The ultrasound probe is vertically displaced from and vertically adjustable relative to the framework so that the ultrasound probe is selectively positioned in relative space. With reference to target images, a processor calculates in real time a quantitative measurement indicative of backfat depth, muscle depth, and intramuscular fat for the pig (or food animal) being scanned. Edinson Volquez Womens Jersey