European Association for Precision Livestock Farming

Precision Livestock Farming is the “Management of livestock farming by automatic real-time monitoring/controlling of production/reproduction, health and welfare of livestock”


The mission of the non-profit organization is:

  • to promote and coordinate research, meetings, exchanges of information and contributions to the field of PLF;
  • to promote scientific progress, organizing training activities, providing educational materials and establishing guidelines aimed at the development and dissemniation of knowledeg related to PLF;
  • to carry out activities in collaboration with other international private or public, inter-governmental, governmental or non-governmental organizations to achieve its objectives.
  • to offer and maintain the Blueprint for farmers and researchers and e-course in PLF;
  • to become the premier supporting organization for farmers and practitioners, enhancing visibility for supporting partners and sponsors companies of the field.


What to expect from EA-PLF?

  • Promote international knowledge of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF),
  • Organize congresses, refresher and trainings courses, conventions and meetings,
  • Establish scholarships, competitions and awards,
  • Encourage cultural exchanges and stimulate exchange programs with all countries,
  • Carry out all other initiative that may be fit to contribute to scientific progress and to the improvement of the quality of Precision Livestock farming (PLF),
  • Publish a newsletter and other communications for members on a regular basis,
  • Establish a professional network.